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Monday, 04.07.2016. – SVIRČE

19:00 in winery PZ Svirče

Story about bogdanuša, workshop guided by Vino u Sridu – registration on tel: 00385 981606276 / e-mail: info@hvar-otok-vina.org
21:00 PJACA

Opening of the festival THE NIGHT OF BOGDANUŠA & concert of klapa Veli Kamik Performance „Nunc est bibendum“ (We have to drink now) – Festival Cerealia – Rome

Tuesday, 05.07.2016. – STARI GRAD
21:00 TRG ŠKOR Hvar Wine Tastings & live music

Performance “I colori del cibo” (The colors of food) -Festival Cerealia -Rome

Srijeda, 06.07.2016 – VRBOSKA
18:00 Orientation tour of Vrboska (hr/engl), start in front of the Tourist Board of Vrboska (registration: the office of the Tourist Board Vrboska, tel: 00385 21 774 137/e-mail: info@vrboska.info)

19:00 Fishermen’s museum Workshop about sardine (registration: the office of the Tourist Board of Vrboska)

20:00 Konoba Vina Carić Debate about the Mediterranean diet – organizers: Agency for the Management of the Starigrad Plain & i “Hvar Winemakers” (dr. sc. Melanija Belaj i dr. sc. Jelena Ivanišević – Institute for Ethnology and Folklore, prof. Zorka Bibić & chef Ivo Buzolić, doc.dr.sc Ernesto di Renzo, University Tor Vergata Rome, dr. William Skinner, University of Adelaide, the moderator of the debate – Ines Šprem enogastro writer

21:30 Podva/second bridge Hvar Wine Tastings & live music

Četvrtak, 07.07.2016. – JELSA

19:00 Orientation tour of Jelsa (hr/eng), starts in front of the Tourist Board of Jelsa (registration: the office of the Tourist Board of Jelsa tel: 00385 21 761 017/e-mail: info@tzjelsa.hr)

20:30 Exhibition room of the church of St. Mary’s Assumtion

Opening of the exibition “Hvar – the Island of UNESCO”
21:00 Trg sv. Ivana Traditional Hvar products fair Performance of the Folklor Society of Jelsa (KUD Jelsa) & Živa rič – lit. The living word Hvar Wine Tastings & Live music

01:00 Closing of the Festival
Organiser: Hvar Winemaker’s Association Partners: Tourist Board of Stari Grad, Tourist Board of Jelsa, Tourist Board of Vrboska, Tourist Board of Splitsko-Dalmatinska County, Museum of Jelsa Municipality, Museum of the town of Stari Grad, Agency for the Management of the Starigrad Field, Association of the Restaurateurs of the Island of Hvar, KUD Jelsa, Institut of ethnology and folklore, Živa Rič, Vino u sridu

Guests of the festival: anthropologhists prof. Ernesto Di Renzo – University Tor Vergata Rome & dr. William Skinner , University of Adelaide, Ines Šprem Scigliano enogastro writer Festival Ceraealia: Lorenzo Acquaviva – recitator, Paola Sarcina – voice, Giulia Picchi – dancer, Gabriele Cioni – guitarist, Karmaker Uttam Kumar – painter

Cerealia comes to Hvar island – 1&2 Sept 2015 – Stari Grad

We are honoured to announce the first in a series of reciprocal visits in cooperation with Italian organizations. This year’s visit to Rome, as part of a tour “Presentation of the island of Hvar, Hvar culture and wine” organized by the Croatian Embassy in Rome, has resulted in cooperation with Festival Cerealia. Cerealia is a festival dedicated to cereal grains such as wheat and barley, and the idea comes from ancient Rome. http://www.cerealialudi.org/



This event promotes the cereals of the Mediterranean basin, and each year includes one partner country, to encourage cultural exchange. This year it is Croatia, in previous years Cyprus, Greece …

Cultural pluralism has been a permanent feature of the Mediterranean since ancient times. The social and economic value of grain is enormous. Cerealia want to spread the knowledge and awareness of the value of the soil and indigenous cultures, to renew ties between the producers and the consumers’ tables, even to revive old customs and traditions, that are based on respect for the earth and its fruits.

Cerealia will continue their cooperation with Croatia this year by visiting the island of Hvar. In Stari Grad on trg Škor, 01.09.2015 (Tuesday) there will be a number of different cultural entertainment events.

At 8 pm we will have a performance by dance theatre M.Th.I. http://www.mthi.it/ called Four Elements, with Paola Sarcina (artistic director of the Festival Ceralia), Diana Forlani and Stefania Toscano. The event continues with an exhibition of the art of bread prepared by the legendary Roman bakery “Panella, l’arte del pane“, where visitors will be able to see bread made in the shape of famous Roman monuments such as the “La Bocca della Verità”.

Afterwards, there will be Tasting of Hvar wines, accompanied by a musical performance by Rade Šolaja.

DSC_0466 (800x537)

On the second day, 02.09.2015 (WEDNESDAY), the exhibition of bread will move to the Agency for the Management of the Stari Grad Plain, where it will be on show until 17.09.2015, along with an exhibition of photographs of Roman villas of the Stari Grad Plain. The opening of the two exhibitions will be marked by a presentation by archaeologist Mark Matković called “Wine and wine-growing on the island of Hvar in ancient times”. The Agency Director Francesco Duboković dipl.ing.agr. and our guest Paola Sarcina, artistic director of the Festival Ceralia will tell us more about the two exhibitions.

Hvar is undoubtedly the Island of Wines, for more than 24 centuries, as the president of the “Hvar winemakers” Ivana Krstulović Caric, dipl.ing will tell us.

At this event, get to know the period of Roman rule and their customs related to bread and wine!

Welcome! Dobrodošli!

Hvar Winemakers, Agency for the Management of the Stari Grad Plain, Town of Stari Grad 
and the Tourist Board of Stari Grad

Cerealia a Hvar2015


Pjaca Svirče

Pjaca Svirče

The first of the series of events called HVAR WINE TASTINGS  begins tonight,  in the heart of the Island of Wine! Traditional Night of Bogdanuša again will be held on the Pjaca -Square, authentic Mediterranean ambient. The evening begins at 21 pm and will participate Hvar winemakers, Plenković, Tomić, Carić, PZ Svirće and Duboković. Come and enjoy the wines of Hvar white variety Bogdanuša,  that will refresh you in this hot summer night!

And with the glass of  wine look at the sky and enjoy the embrace of Jupiter and Venus!



Svirče - Večer bogdanuše

Svirče – Večer bogdanuše

Discovering Hvar the Island of Wine – Bogdanuša Evening in Svirče

It was wonderful to see old friends and meet new ones,

to listen to original Dalmatian music,

and sing along with Klapa Veli Kamik.

It was interesting to discover stories from our island’s medieval past

Bogdanuša Evening in Svirče

Bogdanuša Evening in Svirče

And all with a glass of Hvar’s Bogdanuša,

on a warm summer evening,

in a beautiful Pjaca in the heart of the ISLAND OF WINE.

Thank you all, because together we create our Hvar, Island of Wine!

Hvar Winemakers

St. Mary

St. Mary

Pjaca Svirče

Pjaca Svirče

Klapa Veli Kamik, Svirče