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Panorama Vrboska

Vrboska from the roof of Sv Marija

This summer, Hvar Wine Tasting once again comes to the island’s village squares. On Tuesday, 15 July, 2014 at 9pm, you will be able to taste Hvar wines in Vrboska, down by the beautiful stone bridges in the Podva area.

Vrboska is one of the jewels of the island of Hvar, with art and architecture dating back to the 15th century, when it developed as the port of Vrbanj, with an attractive mix of renaissance, gothic and baroque styles.

While in Vrboska, before the Hvar Wine Tasting, you might like to visit the  Fisherman’s Museum to discover the rich history of fishing on the island. Or check out the nearby church of St Lawrence, where you can see art by Venetian and Croatian artists, while the impressive fortified church of St Mary of Mercy offers wonderful views from its roof.

View of Vrboska and the Church Fortress

Vrboska and its Church Fortress

Discover Hvar, Island of Wine!

9pm 15 July, 2014, Vrboska

Experience the wines of Hvar, this time with the fantastic Rade Šolaja, from 9pm in Podva (the upper harbour), near the second bridge!

Hvar Winemakers & the Tourist Board of Vrboska


Podva, Vrboska


Welcome to Hvar Otok Vina!

Written by Ivana Krstulović Carić, dipl.ing.agr.

Hvar Otok Vina (Hvar Island of Wine) is a brand of the Hvar Winemakers’ Association, established in the year 2010, with the aim of creating a dynamic and interactive Wine Destination.

Hvar-otok vina

Hvar Winemakers’ logo

This is going to be a crucial month for our Association. We have found enthusiastic and
professional partners that we will work together to set up the Wine Tourism on our Island. Our Partnership with Total Hvar and the Agencies is the first step toward achieving our goals of developing our Island as a Wine Destination.

Wine Journalists will be here on May 5, and we will show them a cross-section of our
Island of Wine, they will discover Hvar Wines, authentic and high quality, they will take a journey through the rich history of the Hvar Winemaking on Hvar Island and enjoy the beauty of the agricultural landscapes: Hvar Beaches, Terrace Vineyards, Starigrad Plain (Ager) jewelled by the lovely villages of our Island of Wine.

Svirče-the Wine Village

Svirče-the Wine Village

We are especially proud to have the oldest Plavac Mali vineyard on our Island, which
survived the American pest Phylloxera, a disease which destroyed European vineyards at
the end of the 19th century. We are proud to have 3 indigenous HVAR ONLY GRAPES; BOGDANUŠA, DARNEKUŠA, PARČ, to contribute to the diversity of the Wine World.

In May we will start the promotion of our Bogdanuša wines, together with Wine & Cheese Bar Paradox in Split and we will have activities on Hvar, such as Bogdanuša Workshops, Bogdanuša Night in Svirče. And many Hvar Wine Tastings this summer on our beautiful island squares.

Hvar Wine Tastings

Hvar Wine Tastings

Together with our partners Total Hvar and the Agencies we are preparing
the Wine Tourism Itineraries.

We are here on the Island of Wine, waiting for you!