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Hvar Winemakers’ Association  in cooperation with Vino.Like held a tasting under the name “Hvar Island of Wine” on 26.05.2017. (Hall of Jelsa Municipality, Jelsa). This event was conceived as a story about the specifics of the island of Hvar as a wine region, with an emphasis on the native Hvar varieties.

Hvar indigenous wines selection

indigenous Hvar

The wines produced of the varieties bogdanuša, prč, mekuja and darnekuša were tasted and commented by Siniša Koceić and Alen Gulan, wine experts.  Wine tour guides, restaurant owners and others who work in wine tourism and gastronomy sectors were present and have learned more about these Hvar varieties, some of which are produced in very small quantities.

Mekuja variety can be found in different white blends of the Hvar Island wines, but only 100%

Mekuja Huljić

Mekuja HuljićMekuja is produced by OPG Teo Huljić. This white variety is grown in small quantities, and traditionaly on the borders of the vineyards planted with other varieties.

A red indigenous variety of Hvar Island, Darnekuša inspired  Jo Ahearne, one of the leading wine experts in the world, to make her first Hvar wine, Rosina.

This red Hvar variety grows on the higher parts of the island near the peak of St. Nikola and gives lighter wines such as Duboković Laganini.

Rosina & Laganini – two faces of the variety Darnekuša


Prč is a variety of origin from the area around Sućuraj, today is produced by wineries Pinjata and Vujnović. Prč is known as a white variety that can survive extreme climate and soil conditions. His muscat taste distinguish it among other Dalmatian varieties.


DSC_0162The most popular is the production of Bogdanuša whose crispy wines are ideal summertime wines, monovarietal wines of  Zlatan Otok – Plenković and PZ Svirče were compared.

Bogdanuša gives also great results when  blended with other white varieties as seen in the example of Tomić Beleca (Bogdanuša, Pošip)  and Carić Cesarica (Bogdanuša, Pošip, Maraština, Parč).

“This is just the first of the planned cooperation of our association with Vino.Like into  order to educate the parties in the chain of sales and service of Hvar wines and the wine lovers as well.

In early July, tourists and the citizens of Split,  will have the opportunity to learn more about Hvar wines through the event Vino u Sridu (lit.  Wine on Wednesday) , which will also be linked with the offer of Hvar wines in prominent Split restaurants. ” Said Ivana Krstulović Carić, dipl.ing.agr. President of the Hvar Winemakers’ Association.




23.08.2016. – Tuesday – Hvar Wine Tastings at the Festival “Gušti od Škoja” in Vrboska

On Thursdays –  Hvar Wine Tastings in Jelsa

The Hvar Wine Tastings are events organized by Hvar Winemakers’ Association and (TZ) of the Island (TZ Općine Jelsa, TZ Stari Grad, TZ Vrboska). During these events we were meeting various interesting people from the world of wine. In addition to this nice  music accompanied the events and it naturally created great vibes and celebratory mood among the people. Our guests tremendously enjoyed our wines and enthusiastically talked to each other.

In this way many guests, tourists and other winelovers meet new friends including the Hvar winemakers. We are truly honoured to have hosted a lot of wine writers, bloggers, winemakers, wine distributors and other winelovers at these events. This type of interaction and engagement made us feel very special and we are looking forward to continue working in this way and promoting our island of wine in the future!

Dušan Jelić (Wines of Balkans), Alen Gulan (Vino u sridu), Diedrik Swart & Mario Pranić (Croatiangrapes), Boris Mucina (Meiningers Sommelier Magazine), Marco Trasente (Wine Fredane) are just some of the wine friends that we met this summer…


The President Ivana Krstulović Carić and Boris Mucina, Austrian wine writer                                                             JELSA


Marco Trasente (Wine Fredane – Italy) meets Jo Ahearne our new member. Jo Ahearne is a Master of Wine and the consultant for a lots of wineries around the world. She is producing her own wine on Hvar.                              JELSA


Marco Trasente at the stand of Vina Carić                                                                                                                 JELSA         


PLANČIĆ WINERY – Magdalena Plančić presents the wines , while Antun Plančić is making new wine-friendships                                                                                                 JELSA

Talking to Marija Bunčuabout PZ Svirče wines

Talking to Marija Bunčuga from PZ Svirče                                                                                               STARI GRAD


Ljubo Makjanić from Vina Carić talks to Chloé Molina Badillo the owner of the Delicatessen Shop ZA POD ZUB in Stari Grad                                                                          STARI GRAD


Dejana Jelić (Wines of Balkans) Kristina Karanović (Serbian sommelier) Dušan Jelić (Wines of Balkans)                                                                                                     SVIRČE


Sebastijan Tomić (Tomić winery) & Davor Šestanović (Zlatan Otok – Plenković winery)               JELSA




Talking about Tomić wines                                                                                                                                   JELSA
















Cerealia comes to Hvar island – 1&2 Sept 2015 – Stari Grad

We are honoured to announce the first in a series of reciprocal visits in cooperation with Italian organizations. This year’s visit to Rome, as part of a tour “Presentation of the island of Hvar, Hvar culture and wine” organized by the Croatian Embassy in Rome, has resulted in cooperation with Festival Cerealia. Cerealia is a festival dedicated to cereal grains such as wheat and barley, and the idea comes from ancient Rome. http://www.cerealialudi.org/



This event promotes the cereals of the Mediterranean basin, and each year includes one partner country, to encourage cultural exchange. This year it is Croatia, in previous years Cyprus, Greece …

Cultural pluralism has been a permanent feature of the Mediterranean since ancient times. The social and economic value of grain is enormous. Cerealia want to spread the knowledge and awareness of the value of the soil and indigenous cultures, to renew ties between the producers and the consumers’ tables, even to revive old customs and traditions, that are based on respect for the earth and its fruits.

Cerealia will continue their cooperation with Croatia this year by visiting the island of Hvar. In Stari Grad on trg Škor, 01.09.2015 (Tuesday) there will be a number of different cultural entertainment events.

At 8 pm we will have a performance by dance theatre M.Th.I. http://www.mthi.it/ called Four Elements, with Paola Sarcina (artistic director of the Festival Ceralia), Diana Forlani and Stefania Toscano. The event continues with an exhibition of the art of bread prepared by the legendary Roman bakery “Panella, l’arte del pane“, where visitors will be able to see bread made in the shape of famous Roman monuments such as the “La Bocca della Verità”.

Afterwards, there will be Tasting of Hvar wines, accompanied by a musical performance by Rade Šolaja.

DSC_0466 (800x537)

On the second day, 02.09.2015 (WEDNESDAY), the exhibition of bread will move to the Agency for the Management of the Stari Grad Plain, where it will be on show until 17.09.2015, along with an exhibition of photographs of Roman villas of the Stari Grad Plain. The opening of the two exhibitions will be marked by a presentation by archaeologist Mark Matković called “Wine and wine-growing on the island of Hvar in ancient times”. The Agency Director Francesco Duboković dipl.ing.agr. and our guest Paola Sarcina, artistic director of the Festival Ceralia will tell us more about the two exhibitions.

Hvar is undoubtedly the Island of Wines, for more than 24 centuries, as the president of the “Hvar winemakers” Ivana Krstulović Caric, dipl.ing will tell us.

At this event, get to know the period of Roman rule and their customs related to bread and wine!

Welcome! Dobrodošli!

Hvar Winemakers, Agency for the Management of the Stari Grad Plain, Town of Stari Grad 
and the Tourist Board of Stari Grad

Cerealia a Hvar2015

Discovering Hvar the Island of Wine – Bogdanuša Evening in Svirče

It was wonderful to see old friends and meet new ones,

to listen to original Dalmatian music,

and sing along with Klapa Veli Kamik.

It was interesting to discover stories from our island’s medieval past

Bogdanuša Evening in Svirče

Bogdanuša Evening in Svirče

And all with a glass of Hvar’s Bogdanuša,

on a warm summer evening,

in a beautiful Pjaca in the heart of the ISLAND OF WINE.

Thank you all, because together we create our Hvar, Island of Wine!

Hvar Winemakers

St. Mary

St. Mary

Pjaca Svirče

Pjaca Svirče

Klapa Veli Kamik, Svirče