This year, wine journalists are visiting us, organized by Festival Zagreb VINOcom, being held for the 9th year in Zagreb’s Esplanade Hotel  (28.-29. 11. 2014.). Immediately before the Festival, a group of 29 journalists will visit several Croatian wine regions, including the island of Hvar.

Starogradsko polje

Stari Grad Plain

Members of the Hvar Winemakers’ Association will be presenting their wines at a tasting given at the Tomić Winery on Tuesday (11/25/2014) Before the guided tasting, President Ivana Krstulović Carić,, will give a short presentation “Hvar Island of  Wine”, explaining the activities of the association.

At the event, we will be joined by representatives of local authorities and tourist offices, who, along with the winemakers helped to bring about this visit.

The next day we will tour the central part of the island, showing the most important characteristic wineslopes of Hvar, such as terraced vineyards, the Stari Grad Plain and Hvar Beaches. The program will include visits to wineries: Pinjata in Vrboska, Plenković – Zlatan Otok in Sv. Nedjelja, and  PZ Svirče in Svirče.

As the story of Hvar wines would not be complete without its cultural and historical side, the journalists will be accompanied by tour guides Ivana Krstulović Carić and Siniša Matković Mikulčić.

What will the wine journalists write about Hvar – Island of Wine? We shall find out soon!