WINE WEEK JELSA 26.08 – 06.09. 2020.

“While on the island of Hvar, drink Hvar wines” is is the slogan of a new event that takes place in the heart of the island of Hvar, in Jelsa town and the surrounding villages.

After it was decided that the traditional Wine Fest could not be held due to the epidemiological measures, we quickly thought of a new way of promoting our local wines which will be in accordance with the current situation. From the 27th of August until the 6th of September there will be a ‘Wine Week’ – While on the island of Hvar, drink Hvar wines.” says Marija Marjan the director of the Tourist Board of Jelsa.

This event is organized by Tourist Board of Jelsa in collaboration with the  restaurants and wine bars and the Hvar Winemakers’ Association  (Hvar Otok Vina).

The guests can enjoy in special prices of Hvar wines and discover richness of Hvar island’s wine production.

Hvar island is home of indigenous varieties such as Bogdanuša, Drnekuša, Prč, Mekuja, Kuč and many more are grown  on island, like famous Plavac Mali, Pošip, Maraština and others.

“The richness of production comes from the fact that Hvar island has  a very  dynamic landscape. Its mountain ridge extends from east to west for 68 km, making Hvar the longest of all the Croatian islands. On the south , the ridge is creating very steep vineyards. In the northwestern part of the island, the ridge transitions into hills among which are villages surrounded by terraced vineyards, finally becoming a fertile plain at sea level, the site of Hvar’s first settlements Starigrad Plain (UNESCO site).
This phenomenon is creating different microclimates that  are giving   us various possibilities in wine production.” says the president Ivana Krstulovic Caric,

During te wine week Wine Stars Competition will be organized, and we will find who are the winner for 2020 of the best wines of  Plavac Mali,  Bogdanuša and blend with Bogdanuša.
Restaurants and wine bars:


Kavana „Prošperin”, Bistro „Step Up”, Konoba „Nono”, Restoran „Pelago”, Restoran i lounge-bar „Mina”, Restoran „Kalina”, Restoran „Me & Mrs Jones”, Restoran „Pape”, Restoran „Spizza”, Wine-bar i Restoran „Artichoke”, Konoba “Garden”, Tapas & Wine bar „Monče” 

Restoran “Davor”, Konoba “Zavala” , Zavala

Konoba “Duboković”, Pitve

Konoba “Vrisnik”, Vrisnik

Konoba “Kod None”, Svirče

Restoran “Bonaca”, Wine & Oil bar “Nono Toni”, Kapar’s bar  Vrboska