Hvar Winemakers’ Association  in cooperation with Vino.Like held a tasting under the name “Hvar Island of Wine” on 26.05.2017. (Hall of Jelsa Municipality, Jelsa). This event was conceived as a story about the specifics of the island of Hvar as a wine region, with an emphasis on the native Hvar varieties.

Hvar indigenous wines selection

indigenous Hvar

The wines produced of the varieties bogdanuša, prč, mekuja and darnekuša were tasted and commented by Siniša Koceić and Alen Gulan, wine experts.  Wine tour guides, restaurant owners and others who work in wine tourism and gastronomy sectors were present and have learned more about these Hvar varieties, some of which are produced in very small quantities.

Mekuja variety can be found in different white blends of the Hvar Island wines, but only 100%

Mekuja Huljić

Mekuja HuljićMekuja is produced by OPG Teo Huljić. This white variety is grown in small quantities, and traditionaly on the borders of the vineyards planted with other varieties.

A red indigenous variety of Hvar Island, Darnekuša inspired  Jo Ahearne, one of the leading wine experts in the world, to make her first Hvar wine, Rosina.

This red Hvar variety grows on the higher parts of the island near the peak of St. Nikola and gives lighter wines such as Duboković Laganini.

Rosina & Laganini – two faces of the variety Darnekuša


Prč is a variety of origin from the area around Sućuraj, today is produced by wineries Pinjata and Vujnović. Prč is known as a white variety that can survive extreme climate and soil conditions. His muscat taste distinguish it among other Dalmatian varieties.


DSC_0162The most popular is the production of Bogdanuša whose crispy wines are ideal summertime wines, monovarietal wines of  Zlatan Otok – Plenković and PZ Svirče were compared.

Bogdanuša gives also great results when  blended with other white varieties as seen in the example of Tomić Beleca (Bogdanuša, Pošip)  and Carić Cesarica (Bogdanuša, Pošip, Maraština, Parč).

“This is just the first of the planned cooperation of our association with Vino.Like into  order to educate the parties in the chain of sales and service of Hvar wines and the wine lovers as well.

In early July, tourists and the citizens of Split,  will have the opportunity to learn more about Hvar wines through the event Vino u Sridu (lit.  Wine on Wednesday) , which will also be linked with the offer of Hvar wines in prominent Split restaurants. ” Said Ivana Krstulović Carić, President of the Hvar Winemakers’ Association.