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WINE WEEK JELSA 26.08 – 06.09. 2020.

“While on the island of Hvar, drink Hvar wines” is is the slogan of a new event that takes place in the heart of the island of Hvar, in Jelsa town and the surrounding villages.

After it was decided that the traditional Wine Fest could not be held due to the epidemiological measures, we quickly thought of a new way of promoting our local wines which will be in accordance with the current situation. From the 27th of August until the 6th of September there will be a ‘Wine Week’ – While on the island of Hvar, drink Hvar wines.” says Marija Marjan the director of the Tourist Board of Jelsa.

This event is organized by Tourist Board of Jelsa in collaboration with the  restaurants and wine bars and the Hvar Winemakers’ Association  (Hvar Otok Vina).

The guests can enjoy in special prices of Hvar wines and discover richness of Hvar island’s wine production.

Hvar island is home of indigenous varieties such as Bogdanuša, Drnekuša, Prč, Mekuja, Kuč and many more are grown  on island, like famous Plavac Mali, Pošip, Maraština and others.

“The richness of production comes from the fact that Hvar island has  a very  dynamic landscape. Its mountain ridge extends from east to west for 68 km, making Hvar the longest of all the Croatian islands. On the south , the ridge is creating very steep vineyards. In the northwestern part of the island, the ridge transitions into hills among which are villages surrounded by terraced vineyards, finally becoming a fertile plain at sea level, the site of Hvar’s first settlements Starigrad Plain (UNESCO site).
This phenomenon is creating different microclimates that  are giving   us various possibilities in wine production.” says the president Ivana Krstulovic Caric,

During te wine week Wine Stars Competition will be organized, and we will find who are the winner for 2020 of the best wines of  Plavac Mali,  Bogdanuša and blend with Bogdanuša.
Restaurants and wine bars:


Kavana „Prošperin”, Bistro „Step Up”, Konoba „Nono”, Restoran „Pelago”, Restoran i lounge-bar „Mina”, Restoran „Kalina”, Restoran „Me & Mrs Jones”, Restoran „Pape”, Restoran „Spizza”, Wine-bar i Restoran „Artichoke”, Konoba “Garden”, Tapas & Wine bar „Monče” 

Restoran “Davor”, Konoba “Zavala” , Zavala

Konoba “Duboković”, Pitve

Konoba “Vrisnik”, Vrisnik

Konoba “Kod None”, Svirče

Restoran “Bonaca”, Wine & Oil bar “Nono Toni”, Kapar’s bar  Vrboska


Master Class with Italian sommelier Roberto Lepori will be held in Jelsa on June 09 at 11 AM at Grand Ballroom of the Municipality  Hall of Jelsa on Hvar Island.

 Book your place on  or +385 981606276 and discover the uniqness of the tastes of the indigenous wines of the emblematic communities of Croatia and Italy thet represent Mediterranean Diet in UNESCO protection.

foto: IKC

The cleverness and the awareness of being unique. Stories of heroic winemakers and of sublime flavors of the Mediterranean

Wines of Hvar 

Bogdanjuša 2017 Carić

Beleca 2017  (Pošip, Bogdanuša)  Tomić

Rosina 2015  (Drnekuša)

Plavac de Lux 2010 OPZ Svirče

Grand Cru 2010   (Plavac mali) Zlatan Otok

Wines of Brač

Pošip 2017 Stina

Wines of Cilento

Falanghina &  Ceraso (Aglianico) SAN SALVATORE 1988

Quercus (Aglianicone) TENUTA MACELLARO

Castellabate (Aglianico) Paestum (Fiano) SANGIOVANNI




Roberto Lepori is Sommelier (Associazione Italiana Sommelier), International Wine & Food Journalist, Wine and Spirit Judge and Wine and Food Comunication Specialist



MASTER CLASS: ROBERTO LEPORI – Plavac mali: the noble son of a royal vine that crossed the oceans: Tribidrag/Primitivo/Zinfandel

I enthusiastically welcomed Ivana Krstulović Carić’s invitation, the President of the Hvar Winemakers’ Association (Hvar Otok Vina), to lead the Hvar Island red wine tasting workshop. The topic was to follow the story of the original Tribidrag or Crljenak vine, linking it to his brother Italian Primitivo, in the most authentic expression of the different areas of Puglia , and to the “noble son” Plavac Mali.

foto: Julio Frangen

On May 10th and 11th the Wine Festival of the Adriatic’s wine was celebrated: Tribidrag, Primitivo, Plavac Mali. A hug between the two coasts of the Adriatic symbolized by the common love for this wine full of emotions, aromas, pleasant sensations that has cheered to the most sublime palates, over the centuries, and has crowned and celebrated meetings and festive moments with the warm complacency of “god Bacchus”.

A generous wine with high sugars and high acids, with strong tannic presence and deep aromas of berries and flavour of spices. The strong mineral presence in the soil, makes the wine long-lived, and with indomitable character.

foto: Julio Frangen




Wines of great tradition, expressions of the different areas of the territory, similar but different in the composition of the land, in the exposure of the vines, in the technique of winemaking. United, however, from the unmistakable flavor and fullness of the body and the enveloping and refined tannins.

Three different expressions of excellent quality: The TERRAGNOLO with a nose full of ripe cherry fruit, plum and blackberry and balsamic and spices . Long persistence with coffee , black fruits and coconut in the finish. POLVANERA 16, from “red soil”, rich in iron, with notes of red mulberry, delicate violet and aromatic herbs. In the finish, taste of liquorice and graphite. 14 DI TERRA, from potassium and iron soil, rich in poliphenolic structure, with delicate notes of red ripe fruits and floral sensations. perfectly balanced in alcohol, minerality and acidity. Velvet tannin and long persistence.

foto: Julio Frangen







The overall quality of the wines has greatly improved over the years. The best use of the wood used for refining, the yeast selection techniques and the care in the selection of the grapes has given rise to wines comparable with a good quality international standard.

Plavac Mali is a difficult wine to make. It is a racehorse, and like all thoroughbreds it  must be tamed in its most intense expressions. It is not easy to tame the tannin, the strong intensity of the anthocyanins and the high sugar content of the grapes. But the wisdom of the Dalmatian winemakers makes this wine pleasant, making velvety the astringency, sublime the aroma, fruity and spicy the flavor, and dry and enveloping the body of the wine.

Foto: Julio Frangn

Foto: Julio Frangen

ZLATAN CRLJENAK, pure Tribidrag from the Makarska area, rich in fruits and acidity. slight tannin and long persistence. FAROS OPOL, rich in minerality and deep secondary flavors. Aged in steel makes the wine easy to drink and pleasant in its balance. Sandy soils give a good degree of acidity and composure to the wine. MAIOR REZERVA is a complex and harmonious wine, with warm tones and balanced structure. Slavonian wood, where the wine matures, gives composure and pleasantness to the tannins and freshness on the palate. PLAVAC DE LUX is a wine very rich in polyphenols, with tannins still to evolve. A wine to be used with structured dishes to mitigate the strong plant presence. PLOVAC PLOŠKI is a wine made with wisdom. The use of large Slavonian barrels soften the imperious tannin very well, leaving ample space for the components of ripe red fruit and delicate white spices. A wine with great vigor, well balanced in alcohol and pleasantly harmonious in mineral components and freshness. PLAVAC MALI BARRIQUE, an unmistakable wine, elegantly structured. Soft, harmonious, long and persistent. The French oak is perfectly dosed to avoid invading the fullness of ripe fruit and black fruit flavors. Each sip highlights all the complex aromas of the wine, perfectly distinguishable. Pleasant spicy and slightly balsamic finish.

Thank you all for this unforgettable day and for the participation of all quality wine lovers.

My hope is to repeat this important event over the years to compare the successes and experiences of wine together and to reaffirm and consolidate this strong bond that binds our two countries through “the art of wine”, history, traditions and the culture that over the centuries have seen us as interpreters of fraternal and supportive friendship.

Roberto Lepori (Associazione Italiana Sommelier, freelance journalist & wine judge)

Hvar, May 17th, 2018


Hvar Winemakers’ Association  in cooperation with Vino.Like held a tasting under the name “Hvar Island of Wine” on 26.05.2017. (Hall of Jelsa Municipality, Jelsa). This event was conceived as a story about the specifics of the island of Hvar as a wine region, with an emphasis on the native Hvar varieties.

Hvar indigenous wines selection

indigenous Hvar

The wines produced of the varieties bogdanuša, prč, mekuja and darnekuša were tasted and commented by Siniša Koceić and Alen Gulan, wine experts.  Wine tour guides, restaurant owners and others who work in wine tourism and gastronomy sectors were present and have learned more about these Hvar varieties, some of which are produced in very small quantities.

Mekuja variety can be found in different white blends of the Hvar Island wines, but only 100%

Mekuja Huljić

Mekuja HuljićMekuja is produced by OPG Teo Huljić. This white variety is grown in small quantities, and traditionaly on the borders of the vineyards planted with other varieties.

A red indigenous variety of Hvar Island, Darnekuša inspired  Jo Ahearne, one of the leading wine experts in the world, to make her first Hvar wine, Rosina.

This red Hvar variety grows on the higher parts of the island near the peak of St. Nikola and gives lighter wines such as Duboković Laganini.

Rosina & Laganini – two faces of the variety Darnekuša


Prč is a variety of origin from the area around Sućuraj, today is produced by wineries Pinjata and Vujnović. Prč is known as a white variety that can survive extreme climate and soil conditions. His muscat taste distinguish it among other Dalmatian varieties.


DSC_0162The most popular is the production of Bogdanuša whose crispy wines are ideal summertime wines, monovarietal wines of  Zlatan Otok – Plenković and PZ Svirče were compared.

Bogdanuša gives also great results when  blended with other white varieties as seen in the example of Tomić Beleca (Bogdanuša, Pošip)  and Carić Cesarica (Bogdanuša, Pošip, Maraština, Parč).

“This is just the first of the planned cooperation of our association with Vino.Like into  order to educate the parties in the chain of sales and service of Hvar wines and the wine lovers as well.

In early July, tourists and the citizens of Split,  will have the opportunity to learn more about Hvar wines through the event Vino u Sridu (lit.  Wine on Wednesday) , which will also be linked with the offer of Hvar wines in prominent Split restaurants. ” Said Ivana Krstulović Carić, President of the Hvar Winemakers’ Association.