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Cerealia comes to Hvar island – 1&2 Sept 2015 – Stari Grad

We are honoured to announce the first in a series of reciprocal visits in cooperation with Italian organizations. This year’s visit to Rome, as part of a tour “Presentation of the island of Hvar, Hvar culture and wine” organized by the Croatian Embassy in Rome, has resulted in cooperation with Festival Cerealia. Cerealia is a festival dedicated to cereal grains such as wheat and barley, and the idea comes from ancient Rome.



This event promotes the cereals of the Mediterranean basin, and each year includes one partner country, to encourage cultural exchange. This year it is Croatia, in previous years Cyprus, Greece …

Cultural pluralism has been a permanent feature of the Mediterranean since ancient times. The social and economic value of grain is enormous. Cerealia want to spread the knowledge and awareness of the value of the soil and indigenous cultures, to renew ties between the producers and the consumers’ tables, even to revive old customs and traditions, that are based on respect for the earth and its fruits.

Cerealia will continue their cooperation with Croatia this year by visiting the island of Hvar. In Stari Grad on trg Škor, 01.09.2015 (Tuesday) there will be a number of different cultural entertainment events.

At 8 pm we will have a performance by dance theatre M.Th.I. called Four Elements, with Paola Sarcina (artistic director of the Festival Ceralia), Diana Forlani and Stefania Toscano. The event continues with an exhibition of the art of bread prepared by the legendary Roman bakery “Panella, l’arte del pane“, where visitors will be able to see bread made in the shape of famous Roman monuments such as the “La Bocca della Verità”.

Afterwards, there will be Tasting of Hvar wines, accompanied by a musical performance by Rade Šolaja.

DSC_0466 (800x537)

On the second day, 02.09.2015 (WEDNESDAY), the exhibition of bread will move to the Agency for the Management of the Stari Grad Plain, where it will be on show until 17.09.2015, along with an exhibition of photographs of Roman villas of the Stari Grad Plain. The opening of the two exhibitions will be marked by a presentation by archaeologist Mark Matković called “Wine and wine-growing on the island of Hvar in ancient times”. The Agency Director Francesco Duboković and our guest Paola Sarcina, artistic director of the Festival Ceralia will tell us more about the two exhibitions.

Hvar is undoubtedly the Island of Wines, for more than 24 centuries, as the president of the “Hvar winemakers” Ivana Krstulović Caric, will tell us.

At this event, get to know the period of Roman rule and their customs related to bread and wine!

Welcome! Dobrodošli!

Hvar Winemakers, Agency for the Management of the Stari Grad Plain, Town of Stari Grad 
and the Tourist Board of Stari Grad

Cerealia a Hvar2015

5 August 2015: Dol St Anne – Hvar Wine Tasting at 9pm

Our next event will be 5 August 2015 in Dol (Dol St. Anne) at the PUHIJADE , a multi-day festival organized by Dol’s “Tartajun” Association.

The name Tartajun comes from the agricultural tool, which is a piece of wood around 30cm long used for firmly binding goatskins and sacks.


Vezivanje vreće uz pomoć tartajuna , izvor Udruga Tartajun



Tartajun, izvor: Udruga Tartajun

Discover the attractions of this Hvar village, one of the oldest settlements on the island, which hides the legend of the Illyrian Queen Teuta and maintains the oldest vineyard of Plavac mali in Croatia.

Dol is tucked away on the wooded slopes of the northern side of the island, amidst terraces of olive groves and vineyards with a light sandy soil. The Dol slopes overlook the Stari Grad bay and fields (known as Ager or Hora) and following the road to the top of the island, you can enjoy the centuries-old forest of indigenous oak. Dol consists of two villages, known as Dol St. Anne and Dol St. Mary. Archaeological remains in the area testify to people living here from prehistoric times!

Nearby can be found the Illyrian hill “Purkin kuk”, the ancient Roman villa rustica Kupinovik, and the continuity of life in Dol is demonstrated by the medieval church of St. Domnius, dating from the 11th century.

Find us in Dol St. Anne and enjoy Hvar wines and live music!

DSC_0494 (800x537)


3.8. – 6.8. the courts in Dol each afternoon
Balote tournament Dol Open 2015

MONDAY (3.8) 21:00, St. Anne
Exhibition of paintings by Katica Keti Radonić- “The search for light”

TUESDAY (4.8.) 21:00, church of Our Lady of the Village
Theatre performance by Vis theatre company – monodrama “Veja”
Performed by Siniša Brajčić, director Lenko Blažević

WEDNESDAY (5.8.) 21:00, in front of the church of St. Anne
Exhibition of wines Hvar Winemakers Association with Dol traditional food and acoustic music by Đelonzo

THURSDAY (6.8.) 21:00, Culture house “Vir”
Lecture by the academician Pavlo Rudan

FRIDAY (7.8.) 20:00, playground to the side of St. Anne
Final of the Belote tournament Dol Open 2015
Entertainment Evening at football club “Sloga” Dol

SATURDAY 8.8., in the playground to the side of St. Anne
Evening – puh free climbing, performance of clowns and street entertainers
Presentation of shoeing horses and traditional workshops
20:30 pm choir Stella Maris from Hvar
21:00 presentation 11th issue of the Tartajun magazine
21:30 more choir Stella Maris
22:00 pm opening act The Beat Band
00:00 performance by Giuliana and accompanying ensemble



On Monday 15 December in Milan, we’ll celebrate the visit of the HRT Symphony Orchestra   with the wines of Hvar and traditional Hvar cakes!

A reception will be held after the concert, with around 150 guests expected, among which will be the Deputy Mayor of Hvar town, Fabian Bronzović, the General Consul in Milan Mrs. Iva Pavić, Mr. Berislav Šipuš the Deputy Minister of Culture, Prof. Dr. Damir Grubiša the Croatian Ambassador to Italy, Ms. Ines Sprem the Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia and a number of other prominent guests, representatives of Italian institutions, foreign consulates and Croatian associations in Italy.

Hvar wine and desserts will be presented to the guests by the President of the Hvar Winemakers’ Association, Ivana Krstulović Caric, , together with the Director of the  Faria Women’s Cooperative, Fedra Gamulin.

We will evoke our beautiful island for everyone, and urge them to discover it!

Hvar Winemakers’ Association & Faria Women’s Cooperative in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Hvar, the town of Hvar and the Consulate General in Milan.

Concert program:
Nicola Giuliani, conductor
Martina Filjak, piano

Blagoje Bersa: Idyll
Johannes Brahms: Concerto No. 2 for Piano and Orchestra in B flat major, Op. 83
Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt, Suite selection from 1 and 2
Petar Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Ballet Suite, Op. 71a

Sala Verdi del Conservatorio
Via Conservatorio, 12 – Milan

Hvar Wine Tasting – Stari Grad (Faros) 29 July 2014

On Tuesday 29 July, we continue our tour of the island of Hvar.

This time, we shall see you in Stari Grad from 9pm,

in the lovely Škor square where Dalmatia is reflected in all its beauty!

The stone walls of Stari Grad’s old houses with their green shutters, and caper bushes adorning the steps and balconies.

Enjoy yourself with a glass or two of Hvar wine accompanied by live music from Split band Repassage.

Dalmacija u punom sjaju Trg Škor, Stari Grad

Dalmacija u punom sjaju – Dalmatia in all its glory – Trg Škor, Stari Grad

We guarantee you will have a great time!

Hvar Winemakers & the Tourist Board of the City of Stari Grad


Panorama Vrboska

Vrboska from the roof of Sv Marija

This summer, Hvar Wine Tasting once again comes to the island’s village squares. On Tuesday, 15 July, 2014 at 9pm, you will be able to taste Hvar wines in Vrboska, down by the beautiful stone bridges in the Podva area.

Vrboska is one of the jewels of the island of Hvar, with art and architecture dating back to the 15th century, when it developed as the port of Vrbanj, with an attractive mix of renaissance, gothic and baroque styles.

While in Vrboska, before the Hvar Wine Tasting, you might like to visit the  Fisherman’s Museum to discover the rich history of fishing on the island. Or check out the nearby church of St Lawrence, where you can see art by Venetian and Croatian artists, while the impressive fortified church of St Mary of Mercy offers wonderful views from its roof.

View of Vrboska and the Church Fortress

Vrboska and its Church Fortress

Discover Hvar, Island of Wine!

9pm 15 July, 2014, Vrboska

Experience the wines of Hvar, this time with the fantastic Rade Šolaja, from 9pm in Podva (the upper harbour), near the second bridge!

Hvar Winemakers & the Tourist Board of Vrboska


Podva, Vrboska


See you soon in the island’s squares!

During the month of July, Hvar wines were featured at several events:  Bogdanuša Month at the Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar (Split), Bogdanuša Evening in Svirče, and Tasting of Hvar Wines on Škor Square (Stari Grad), as we celebrated Croatia’s entry into the European Union.

But that’s not all we have for you this summer! Look for Hvar wines at these upcoming events:

Tuesday, 30th July – Tasting of Hvar Wines on Škor Square (Stari Grad)

Saturday 3rd August – Tasting of Hvar Wines in Vrboska, in the Piaca by St Mary of Mercy (the Church Fortress)

Wednesday, 7th August Tasting of Hvar Wines on Škor Square (Stari Grad)

Wine tasting begins at 9pm.


Come to Svirče Where the Donkey Brays!

Day of Bogdanuša in Svirče
Saturday, 22 June 2013

By Ivana Krstulović Carić,
(original text published on OTOK HVAR,

If the legend of the village name is true, it tells us that shepherds from Vrbanj playing on flutes (Croatian “svirala“) came and settled here, or alternatively that the name comes from the word “svir“, meaning “source” or “spring”. We will probably never know, but in any case, that’s not as important as what Svirče means today and what its future holds.


The village of Svirče

Svirče sits on a hillside opposite the village of Vrisnik, blending beautifully into the rural landscape. Some would call this the new Tuscany or Provence. But really, we’re just the island of Hvar and not anything else! The one and only – unique and original. We have survived through the centuries of popular uprising, Turkish attacks, wars and occupation, american pests: oidium, peronospora and phyloxera, economic crises…

The hands of our forefathers have shaped this area. Vineyards, olive groves and lavender fields, woods, streams, interlaced with dry-stone walls fascinate everyone who comes here. We ourselves are so bound up in everyday life that we forget to admire the beauty that surrounds us, we forget that our history and our heritage gives us a strong foundation for the future!

Zoga falo

A game of Zoga falo

Svirče, today, has a lot to offer. Svirče contains many stories that we are just beginning to tell the world. Our village is alive with old traditions, such as kolendanje, visiting our friends and neighbours on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, singing traditional songs. In July, we have the annual St Mandalina village celebrations.  Young people here have not forgotten the old game of Zog Falo or handball. Diligent hands continue to renew the stone terraces, fighting for every square inch of arable land, because living on an island is not easy. The earth is poor, the climate unpredictable. In such an environment, the centuries have shaped an entirely different wine grape, deservedly called bogdanuša (God-given).

Why? Because it knows this island, because it feels good here. The best wine is produced on the rather poor, red soil in the stretch between Svirče and Vrboska.

Pjaca - degustacija bogdanuše

Celebrating Bogdanuša in the pjaca

Light and fresh, God-given for summer, for company and song. Let us celebrate it, in its heartland of Svirče, on our island of Hvar, 22 June 2013 in good company, with songs from Klapa Veli Kamik, a game of Zog Falo and an exhibition of paintings “Famous Svirčani”.

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