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Special Guest of The Wine, Olive and Heritage Festival 2019 – Giampaolo Gravina, Italian Philosopher and a Wine-Writer

We are welcoming special guest of our festival, Italian philosopher and a wine-writer, Giampaolo Gravina.

He has worked in wine for over 20 years, most of the time as a co-editor of the wine guide Vini d’Italia published by L’Espresso (15 editions: from 2002 to 2016).

Today he teaches Wine Aesthetics at Slow Food University in Pollenzo and Wine Writing at the Master in Food and Wine Philosophy of “Vita e Salute” University of Milan. His many books on wine include two Italian editions of Vini e Terre di Borgogna with co-author Camillo Favaro (ArteVino Editore 2012/2018; english translation just published in January 2019); Vini da scoprire, La riscossa dei vini leggeri (Giunti Editore, 2016/2017) and the latest Vini artigianali italiani (Paolo Buongiorno Editore, 2018) all with co-authors Armando Castagno and Fabio Rizzari.

Giampaolo Gravina