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Through four seasons, in our vineyards on Hvar – Ivana Krstulovic Caric – SUSTAINABLE ISLAND -23.05.2019. 7 PM -FESTIVAL OPENING- JELSA

Wine, Olive and Heritage Festival in Jelsa on  Island Hvar, will pe opened  with  the event named Through four seasons, in our vineyards on Hvar, where we will discover the true story about  the Mediterranean Diet.

A life cycle of the vineyards on Hvar we will discover with Ivana Krstulović Carić,, leader of the project on sustainable tourism and agriculture of   the   Sustainable Island , Ivana is also a president of  Hvar Winemakers Association, consultant in food and agriculture sector,  sales and marketing  manager of Caric winery and  licenced tourist guide.

The event is created by the Association Sustainable Island in co-operation with Catering High School, Hvar Winemakers Association, Association Trim & Women’s Cooperative Faria and Tourist Board of Jelsa. 

We will enjoy in music, local food and wines!


Galina Niforou

Master Class of Galina Niforou   “The Diversity is Our Treasure”- indigenous Bulgarian and Croatian grape varieties – Jelsa – 26.05.2019 – 11 AM

Galina is the chairwoman of  Bulgarian Wine Export Association (BWEA) and work hard to promote Bulgarian wines abroad. Galina is the founder and managing director of the Balkans International Wine Competition and Festival – very successful event, aiming to promote Balkan wines, that will take place next month  (5-9  June 2019) in  Sofia, Bulgaria.


It celebrates the millennial wine-making tradition of the Balkan Peninsula as expressed in its modern Balkan wines – daily savored and loved by locals and more and more preferred by the wine lovers worldwide.

Galina Niforou has an engineer degree in Wine and Spirits Technology from the University of Food Technology, Plovdiv and she has specialized in Wine Marketing & Management MBA at Bordeaux International Wine Institute – INSEEC, Bordeaux, France.
During the 20 years in the wine industry in Bulgaria and abroad she has established herself as a specialist who successfully develops business strategies and creates brands of international significance. She consults wine producers and writes for different wine editions.

Galina is the chairwoman of  Bulgarian Wine Export Association (BWEA) and work hard to promote Bulgarian wines abroad. Galina is the founder and managing director of the Balkans International Wine Competition and Festival – very successful event, aiming to promote Balkan wines.

Master Class of Galina Niforou on  Wine, Oil and Heritage Festival

is named  “Diversity is Our Treasure – indigenous Bulgarian and Croatian grape varieties” and will present the wines of Bulgarian and Croatian producers.

26.05.2019 – 11 AM – Jelsa Municipality Ballroom – reservations

 Vrachanski Misket 2018, Tipchenitza Winery   

Gramatik Melnik 55, Винарска изба Рупел – Rupel Winery
Elenovo Rubin 2015 Edoardo Miroglio wine
Elenovo Mavrud 2015 Edoardo Miroglio wine

Croatian wines:
Bogdanjuša 2018 – Caric
Pošip 2018- OPZ Svirče (cooperative Svirče)
Prč 2018 – Vujnović
Plavac mali barrique 2013- Tomić

#najbojeodHvara #JelsaWOH

Special Guest of The Wine, Olive and Heritage Festival 2019 – Giampaolo Gravina, Italian Philosopher and a Wine-Writer

We are welcoming special guest of our festival, Italian philosopher and a wine-writer, Giampaolo Gravina.

He has worked in wine for over 20 years, most of the time as a co-editor of the wine guide Vini d’Italia published by L’Espresso (15 editions: from 2002 to 2016).

Today he teaches Wine Aesthetics at Slow Food University in Pollenzo and Wine Writing at the Master in Food and Wine Philosophy of “Vita e Salute” University of Milan. His many books on wine include two Italian editions of Vini e Terre di Borgogna with co-author Camillo Favaro (ArteVino Editore 2012/2018; english translation just published in January 2019); Vini da scoprire, La riscossa dei vini leggeri (Giunti Editore, 2016/2017) and the latest Vini artigianali italiani (Paolo Buongiorno Editore, 2018) all with co-authors Armando Castagno and Fabio Rizzari.

Giampaolo Gravina

The first Wine, Olive and Heritage Festival, in Jelsa on Hvar from 23rd to 26th May!

The Wine, Olive and Heritage Festival 2019 will be held in Jelsa on Hvar Island for the first time, on  May 23-26. Over the four days local and foreign participants will showcase Hvar Island’s culture on various levels, with local wines and olive products taking pride of place in cooperation with the Festival’s guests. Aimed at both Croatian and foreign tourists, the Festival’s aim is to promote local Hvar producers under the banner of ‘the Mediterranean Diet‘, a concept which comprises “knowledge and skills related to the careful relationship with the natural resources of land and sea which is vital not only for obtaining food, but for ensuring quality for living conditions and for a stable ecological system”.

The idea of the Festival is for local people to create it through their products, visions and desire for communal progress, at the same time learning something new together with the guests / visitors. The Festival aspires to promote “everything that is best about Hvar” in an entertaining and educational dimension.

 #najbojeodHvara #JelsaWOH

The official opening of the Festival will be in the Jelsa Park on Thursday  May 23 at 7pm, followed by a Gastro-Show by students from the High School of Catering, who will present their Mediterranean food dishes, alongside products by members of the local association ‘Trim’ and Cooperative ‘Faria’. Ivana Krstulović Carić,, representing the association ‘Sustainable Island’ (‘Održivi otok’),  will present event Through the four seasons in our vineyards on Hvar – The Mediterranean Diet’, explaining more about the direction the island is taking, with interesting details relating to the dishes and .

On Friday and Saturday, 24th and 25th May from 8pm onwards, all the participants in the Festival will be represented in a tasting of local wines and olive oils (the list of wine producers to date: Carić Wines, Pinjata Wines, the Svirče Agricultural Cooperative, Mario Carić, the Plančić Brothers, Huljić Wines, Plenković Wines; olive oil producers: Radojković and Curin).

During the day on Friday a workshop by Mirella Žanetić on extra virgin olive oil in Mediterranean food is planned, as well as a guided tour around the best-known Hvar wineries and oil mills, with tastings in Hvar’s exquisite surroundings (tour price 250 kn, bookings via:

Within the Festival is a celebration of the local Chakavian dialect, and there will be a special variety programme of recitations, acting, dancing and singing by local children. On Saturday morning the Festival programme will start with a workshop by Professor Marija Vukelić titled “The Mediterranean in a glass of wine (and in verse)”, followed by a tour of the wineries. From 7pm there will be a special event called ‘the Bonkulović Evening’, with a range of Mediterranean culinary specialities on offer, prepared by Jelsa’s restaurateurs. The programme will last until midnight, with guest appearances by the Đakovo folk dancing group and tamburica players.

Apart from local participants, the first Wine, Oil and Heritage Festival will also be welcoming guests from Bulgaria. The well-known Bulgarian oenologist Galina Niforou (Wine MBA, BIWC Managing Director) will conduct a workshop titled “Diversity is Our Treasure – indigenous Bulgarian and Croatian grape varieties”.

The Festival closing ceremony will take place on Sunday 26th May at 11am, and will include the distribution of certificates of thanks.

All the workshops are free of charge, while the winery tours cost 250kn, reservations via: .

We look forward to welcoming you on your visit to discover the local treasures of Hvar Island. #eatlocal

Festival Organiser: Jelsa Tourist Board,


DO NOT MISS UPCOMING EVENTS! Find us at the island’s squares, in Stari Grad at Tvrdalj Square, in Jelsa at Saint Johns Square / 9 PM 

NE PROPUSTITE DOGAĐANJA!  Pronađite nas na otočkim trgovima, u Starome Gradu na Tvrdalju, u Jelsi na trgu Sv. Ivana / 21h


JELSA 01.08.2018.

STARI GRAD 07.08. 2018.

JELSA 11.08. 2018.

STARI GRAD 21.08. 2018.

24. i 25. 08.2018. Fešta vina – Jelsa 



Master Class with Italian sommelier Roberto Lepori will be held in Jelsa on June 09 at 11 AM at Grand Ballroom of the Municipality  Hall of Jelsa on Hvar Island.

 Book your place on  or +385 981606276 and discover the uniqness of the tastes of the indigenous wines of the emblematic communities of Croatia and Italy thet represent Mediterranean Diet in UNESCO protection.

foto: IKC

The cleverness and the awareness of being unique. Stories of heroic winemakers and of sublime flavors of the Mediterranean

Wines of Hvar 

Bogdanjuša 2017 Carić

Beleca 2017  (Pošip, Bogdanuša)  Tomić

Rosina 2015  (Drnekuša)

Plavac de Lux 2010 OPZ Svirče

Grand Cru 2010   (Plavac mali) Zlatan Otok

Wines of Brač

Pošip 2017 Stina

Wines of Cilento

Falanghina &  Ceraso (Aglianico) SAN SALVATORE 1988

Quercus (Aglianicone) TENUTA MACELLARO

Castellabate (Aglianico) Paestum (Fiano) SANGIOVANNI




Roberto Lepori is Sommelier (Associazione Italiana Sommelier), International Wine & Food Journalist, Wine and Spirit Judge and Wine and Food Comunication Specialist






09:00 – 12:30 Ministry of Culture: THE 8TH INTERGOVERNMENTAL MEETING OF THE NETWORK OF THE SEVEN COUNTRIES FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET / Stari Grad Town Library and Reading Room/ Stari Grad

19:00 Visit to the Jelsa Municipal Museum and a guided tour of Jelsa, meeting at the Veli Most (where the catamaran moors)/ Jelsa

20:00 Oenogastro evening: Bonkulović & Hvar Wine Tastings / New riva in Jelsa

music / Ante Matulić


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MASTER CLASS: ROBERTO LEPORI – Plavac mali: the noble son of a royal vine that crossed the oceans: Tribidrag/Primitivo/Zinfandel

I enthusiastically welcomed Ivana Krstulović Carić’s invitation, the President of the Hvar Winemakers’ Association (Hvar Otok Vina), to lead the Hvar Island red wine tasting workshop. The topic was to follow the story of the original Tribidrag or Crljenak vine, linking it to his brother Italian Primitivo, in the most authentic expression of the different areas of Puglia , and to the “noble son” Plavac Mali.

foto: Julio Frangen

On May 10th and 11th the Wine Festival of the Adriatic’s wine was celebrated: Tribidrag, Primitivo, Plavac Mali. A hug between the two coasts of the Adriatic symbolized by the common love for this wine full of emotions, aromas, pleasant sensations that has cheered to the most sublime palates, over the centuries, and has crowned and celebrated meetings and festive moments with the warm complacency of “god Bacchus”.

A generous wine with high sugars and high acids, with strong tannic presence and deep aromas of berries and flavour of spices. The strong mineral presence in the soil, makes the wine long-lived, and with indomitable character.

foto: Julio Frangen




Wines of great tradition, expressions of the different areas of the territory, similar but different in the composition of the land, in the exposure of the vines, in the technique of winemaking. United, however, from the unmistakable flavor and fullness of the body and the enveloping and refined tannins.

Three different expressions of excellent quality: The TERRAGNOLO with a nose full of ripe cherry fruit, plum and blackberry and balsamic and spices . Long persistence with coffee , black fruits and coconut in the finish. POLVANERA 16, from “red soil”, rich in iron, with notes of red mulberry, delicate violet and aromatic herbs. In the finish, taste of liquorice and graphite. 14 DI TERRA, from potassium and iron soil, rich in poliphenolic structure, with delicate notes of red ripe fruits and floral sensations. perfectly balanced in alcohol, minerality and acidity. Velvet tannin and long persistence.

foto: Julio Frangen







The overall quality of the wines has greatly improved over the years. The best use of the wood used for refining, the yeast selection techniques and the care in the selection of the grapes has given rise to wines comparable with a good quality international standard.

Plavac Mali is a difficult wine to make. It is a racehorse, and like all thoroughbreds it  must be tamed in its most intense expressions. It is not easy to tame the tannin, the strong intensity of the anthocyanins and the high sugar content of the grapes. But the wisdom of the Dalmatian winemakers makes this wine pleasant, making velvety the astringency, sublime the aroma, fruity and spicy the flavor, and dry and enveloping the body of the wine.

Foto: Julio Frangn

Foto: Julio Frangen

ZLATAN CRLJENAK, pure Tribidrag from the Makarska area, rich in fruits and acidity. slight tannin and long persistence. FAROS OPOL, rich in minerality and deep secondary flavors. Aged in steel makes the wine easy to drink and pleasant in its balance. Sandy soils give a good degree of acidity and composure to the wine. MAIOR REZERVA is a complex and harmonious wine, with warm tones and balanced structure. Slavonian wood, where the wine matures, gives composure and pleasantness to the tannins and freshness on the palate. PLAVAC DE LUX is a wine very rich in polyphenols, with tannins still to evolve. A wine to be used with structured dishes to mitigate the strong plant presence. PLOVAC PLOŠKI is a wine made with wisdom. The use of large Slavonian barrels soften the imperious tannin very well, leaving ample space for the components of ripe red fruit and delicate white spices. A wine with great vigor, well balanced in alcohol and pleasantly harmonious in mineral components and freshness. PLAVAC MALI BARRIQUE, an unmistakable wine, elegantly structured. Soft, harmonious, long and persistent. The French oak is perfectly dosed to avoid invading the fullness of ripe fruit and black fruit flavors. Each sip highlights all the complex aromas of the wine, perfectly distinguishable. Pleasant spicy and slightly balsamic finish.

Thank you all for this unforgettable day and for the participation of all quality wine lovers.

My hope is to repeat this important event over the years to compare the successes and experiences of wine together and to reaffirm and consolidate this strong bond that binds our two countries through “the art of wine”, history, traditions and the culture that over the centuries have seen us as interpreters of fraternal and supportive friendship.

Roberto Lepori (Associazione Italiana Sommelier, freelance journalist & wine judge)

Hvar, May 17th, 2018